British Shorthair Mothers and Siblings British Shorthair Mothers and Siblings Kaysha keeping a close eye on her Cream boys 155635925 "Where do I sleep"? 155635926 Kaysha and Baby Gemma share a special moment 155880457 Belle cuddling her litter of 7. 193679773 The window seat is always a favourite. 193679795 Verity with her first litter of 5 kittens. 194441784 Verity's litter of 2 Choc, 2 lilac & 1 Blue kittens. 194441792 Snuggle babies. 194441785 Belle's first litter of Blue & Black kittens. 194441786 Belle snuggling baby Verity. 194441787 Baby Verity all so comfy. 194441788