British Shorthair and Cornish Rex



Thistlepaw So Sweetly Serafina


      Solid Blue.   

 I am so delighted and in love Serafina. She is intelligent and enjoys following me around everywhere to ensure she supervises everything I do. She certainly has a great sense of humor in which she passes her quirky traits to her offspring. 



Ancroft Keep the Faith


      Solid Blue.  

Faith is the daughter of Serafina and has her mother's affectionate personality and sense of humor. She is pictured here at 18 months old.




All my girls are a valuable asset to my solid Blue program.  



  Future Queens -  


Ancroft Heaven Sent


Solid Blue.

Harriet is also the daughter of Serafina and already shows promise as a young girl. She is pictured here at 10 months and am quite happy with her development so far. Her type is a lovely combination of Serafina and Belle.






  Past Queens -   


 Champion Bevington Lady Belle 


Solid Blue. 

Belle is the Great Grand Mother of Ancroft Royal Revival.  




Champion Ancroft Imperial Symphony 


Solid Blue.    


Ancroft Imperial Jubilee 


      Solid Blue.   

Jubilee is the Daughter of Symphony and Mother of Ancroft Royal Revival.  



Misfitz Passion Pop. 


  Solid Lilac.

Phoebe is the Mother of Ancroft Boudoir Bling and Ancroft Luv Struck Melody. 




Ancroft Luv Struck Melody


      Solid Blue.