British Shorthairs and Cornish Rex

Queens - Cornish Rex

Gijo Savannah Chrisley 


      Chocolate Tortie Point and White.    

Savannah is a beautiful colour-pointed girl with the most amazing blue eyes. She is super affectionate and thrives on human company. I thank Jon Ginis for entrusting me with this special girl.




Gijo Gigi Lamore


      Black Tortie Smoke and White.   

Gigi is another intelligent young girl with a gentle nature, though still loves her playtime. Again, I sincerely thank Jon for entrusting me with her. Both girls will be very valuable to my breeding program.  








   'Future Queens'     

Ancroft Honey Love

'Honey Love' 

 Lilac Tortie Mink and White. 

Honey Love is pictured here at 4 months old. Photo's taken at her second FCCV Cat Show by Linda Bieniasz of Mandalay Photography. She is true to the Cornish Rex breed with her cheeky traits, which certainly keeps us well entertained with her funny antics.

I can't wait to watch her develop into a gorgeous young adult. 







   'Past Queens'    


Pawllywood Nivia


      Black Smoke Tortie and White.     




 Gijo Come on Eileen


      Black Smoke Bicolour.